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The purpose of the Chicano Veterans Organization is to provide comprehensive services of community resource development outreach, education development, and enhancing each unique successful “Chicano” post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cultural proficiency techniques and experiences for veterans and their family members for current and future needs.


The data confirmed a high return of Hispanic veterans who were coming home from Vietnam War for the time period 1964-75.  During the Vietnam Era, Hispanics veteran causalities from all the service branches, were disproportionately higher, in reference to our representation of U.S. population  The data confirmed Hispanic death rates were four times that on any group. In Vietnam, Hispanics died at higher rate over 20% of the 58,178 fatalities, even though we only represented 5% of U.S. population. 

Military Awards and Honors

The Chicano Veterans Organization was founded in 1976 by Dr. J. Hernandez as an outcome of his doctoral research study of Chicano veterans.   Dr. Hernandez is a combat decorated Disabled Vietnam Veteran, having served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps from 1968-70.  He is a "Hollywood Marine" graduate from Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) of San Diego in 1968 from July to September (12 weeks boot camp) and at GRADUATION WAS AWARDED A SPECIAL RECOGNITION OF "HONOR PLATOON" - and was assigned the Military Occupational Service (MOS) of 0311, rifleman.

After boot camp he reported to Camp Pendleton for Basic and Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) and completed combat simulation practice drills before being deployed to Vietnam from El Toro Marine Corps Air Base.

Dr. Hernandez served with the Second Infantry Battalion, Third Marine Division, "The Fightin' Third" during his Vietnam tour.  Dr. Hernandez participated in four (4) Search and Destroy Combat Vietnam Operations (Dragon, Kentucky, Dewey Canyon, and Maine Crag).

Dr. Hernandez was wounded while patrolling in Cambodia and the Ashau Valley in Vietnam.  Dr. Hernandez’s tour in Vietnam was as an infantryman Marine Corps “Grunt” or "Ground Pounder" experiencing combat at outposts all over the Quang Tri Province and along the DMZ. (Demilitarized Zone).

Combat battle sites stretched from the seacoast to the mountains bordering Laos include Camp Carroll, The Rockpile, the Khe Sanh Marine Combat Base, Con Thien Firebase, and Landing Zone (LZ) Baldy.

Dr. Hernandez earned and was awarded "TEN" (10) medals and citations: which includes two (2) Purple Heart Medals; one (1) Vietnam Service Medal; one (1) Vietnam Campaign Medal with Device; one (1) Presidential Unit Citation Medal; one (1) Meritorious Unit Citation Medal,,one (1) Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Medal, one (1) Republic of Vietnam Civil Action Unit Medal; one (1) Combat Action Ribbon Medal; and one (1) National Defense Service Medal while he served active duty in Vietnam and regular service.

Educational Accomplishments and Honors

Dr. Hernández is a graduate of Greeley Central High School, Class of 1968, who worked as migrant worker in sugar beets from Kersey to Windsor and other Northern Colorado farms.  He also earned a “letter” for serving as the manager for the wrestling team.

Dr. Hernández completed a Doctoral Degree in Education (Ed.D.), in Human Rehabilitative Services, from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in March 1976, at the age of 26.  He also completed a Specialist in Education (ED.S) in Rehabilitation Counseling from UNC in December 1974.  He also completed a Master’s of Arts Degree (M.A.), in Rehabilitation Counseling, from UNC in December 1974.  He also completed his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree (B.A.), with a double major of Psychology and Sociology  from UNC in June 1973.

Honor Society” Member of Kappa Delta Pi for GPA in Graduate School from 1973-76.

Harvard University Academic Honors

Post-doctoral studies included Harvard University, in 1991, Dr. Hernández attended the Management Development Program, Institute for Educational Management with the Graduate School of Education.  This institute's focus is specifically designed for higher education administrators to gain useful ideas about the critical management issues you're facing, including budgeting, human resource management, planning, and effective leadership.  Participants were selected and screened on a international basis.  A "Certificate of Completion" was represented to graduates at a local graduation ceremony after the summer program ended.

Other professional development included the 1993 Executive Leadership Institute, with the League for Innovation in the Community College.  In 1993, Dr. Hernández received the special distinction of being honored by the State Chancellor's Office with the "Individual Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Diversity.

Professional Administration and Teaching Honors

Dr. Hernández is a retired educator with nearly four decades of higher education experience in university and community college administration and teaching in California, Colorado, and Texas.

Administrative positions include Director of Diversity and EEO, San Diego Community College District, 1990-2009 (19 yrs); Vice President of Student Services (Interim), San Diego Miramar College, 1995 (1 yr); Counselor (hourly contract with Disabled Students Program), Palomar Community College District, San Marcos,CA ,1985-89 (5 yrs); National Administrator, American GI Fourm National Office, El Paso, TX, 1981-84 (3 yrs);.Dean of Continuing Education, El Paso Community College District, El Paso, TX, 1977-81 (5 yrs); Assistant to the Vice President, Evening Administrator, Red Rocks Community College, Golden, CO, 1976-77, (2 yrs); and Acting Veterans Cost of Instruction Program (VCIP) Manager, University of Northern Colorado. Greeley, CO, 1973-76, (4 yrs).

Teaching positions include Instructor, Diversity Management Program, California State University, San Marcos,1998-99 (2 yrs); Instructor, Affirmative Action Management Program, Chapman University, San Diego Office of Extended Studies for a Certificate of Completion, 1995-97 (2 yrs); Adjunct Instructor, San Diego City College, General Psychology 1995-96 (2 yrs); Adjunct Instructor, Palomar College, Personal Development.“college survival skills”, 1985-87 (2 yrs); and Hourly Tutor Assigned to Adult Basic Education Program (ABE), Aims Community College, Greeley, CO, worked with Director of ABE, 1972-76 (5 yrs).

In 1992, Dr. Hernández published an article, "Affirmative Action Training: A Tool for Staff Diversity," in the Community, Technical, and Junior College Journal, of the American Association of Community and Junior Colleges (AACJC), April/May 1992, Volume 62, Number 5.

Prestigious Veterans Appointment Honors

In 1997, Dr. Hernández was appointed as one of fifteen diversity leaders to serve on the prestigious Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans, by the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Selected from a list of highly qualified individuals who were recommended by members of Congress, veterans service organizations, and minority veterans groups.  Nominated by the Honorable Congressman Bob Filner’s Office Veteran Liaison Officer for being a combat decorated disabled Hispanic Vietnam Veteran, having served with the United States Marine Corps.


God our heavenly Father provided me with all my educational accomplishments and honors and employment opportunities.  This also included my successful survival in Vietnam and being wounded twice in combat and awarded two (2) purple hearts.  As combat wounded veteran, only the highest authority guided me with the wisdom and survival skills to be compassionate Vietnam Veteran in post military life.. My mother made a “promisa” for my safe return from the war with a pilgrimage to the Virgin de San Juan.  Her civil rights leadership was a community based volunteer model that confronted hostile and anti-veteran employers who did not support or hire Vietnam Veteran’s because of their disabilities for serving their country.

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