Doc's Favorite Photos
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Adrian Hernandez (Doc)
Navy Corpsman and Medic
Boot camp year book, THE ANCHOR.
Boot Camp, Jan.-March 1968, Company 072
San Diego, CA
Parade Rest Formation During Drilling
Standing "in line" Preparing to "put on" Tear Gas Mask
Inoculations - Smile if it Hurts!!
Tear Gas Masks are tightly "On"
"Fire Fighting Training"
Subic Bay Naval Hospital from above.
Our barracks is behind the water tank.  As it turns out, this photo was taken when I was stationed there.
Chopper landing.
Medivacs coming in on our dirt landing pad at hospital compound.
Olongapo Bar. 
Typical night club downtown Olongapo.
I took this on a trip to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines (PI).
Me and Jose. 
Me and pal at on base club.  The Sampagita Club I think.
Free Time.
Here's me in Sick Bay on the USS Enterprise CVAN-65.  I'm looking over some music cassettes.  Waiting for Sick Call, or what ever.  Check out my haircut.   The hippie look.
Birds Of Prey.
Time to go to work on the bad guys.  The F4 with the yellow tail is my old squadron VF-142.
What A Ship!!
I'm out on the flight deck.  Must be Holiday Routine.  I was always in awe of the size and capability of this ship.  She was The Belle Of The Ball in the Gulf Of Tonkin.
Treats for NVR.
I was always amazed at how these little jets could carry so much destructive weight.  Old slide with lots of spots
Clouds at Sea!!
Day Launch of Aircarft
Russian Ship!!
Bombs Loaded
Double Barrell
Big E
F-14 at the Ready
Patient's Medivac
The Vigilante!!
WESPAC VIETNAM 1971-72 West Pac Pathches
Here Comes Trouble #1
Here Comes Trouble #2