Please register your military service and experience from World War II (1941-45), Korea (1950-53), Vietnam (1957-95),Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-91), Operation Enduring Freedom, 2001-Present, and Operation Iraqui Freedom, 2003-Present.

If a Veteran is no longer accessible, please free to complete the survey the best to your knowledge, as this is still relevant.  We have 2 surveys for your service on the PDF Form for your completion.  The 1st survey is one that can easily print and this one is called Printable Survey.  The 2nd survey is completing a "PDF Format" by using your computer by clicking on the web page and completing instantly and with no paper.

The Chicano Veterans Organization respectfully requests your voluntary and confidential assistance in the completion of a survey regarding your military background and experience

Registry for Veterans  and Family Members
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